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Annual Returns (as of 7/8/2019)
Year Fool 100 S&P 500
2007 3.13% 5.49%
2008 -33.17% -37.00%
2009 30.05% 26.46%
2010 13.37% 15.06%
2011 7.43% 2.11%
2012 17.06% 16.00%
2013 34.73% 32.39%
2014 15.10% 13.69%
2015 5.63% 1.38%
2016 10.52% 11.96%
2017 31.19% 21.83%
2018 2.59% -4.38%
2019(YTD) 21.67% 19.97%
Since inception 278.87% 173.5%
Annualized since inception 11.21% 8.36%
Returns shown are total returns.
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